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Separated child awarded with Human Rights Prize

The President of the Portuguese Parliament has accepted the proposal of its Human Rights Jury to award the young Afghan Farid Walizadeh one of the two commemorative gold medals of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  
Farid Walizadeh was separated from his family because of war in Afghanistan. After a long and winding journey, which included a perilous travel through Pakistan, Iran and a refugee camp in Turkey, this young boy was resettled in Portugal in December 2012 and has been residing in Portuguese Refugee Council's (CPR) Reception Centre for Refugee Children since. CPR is a member of the SCEP Network.
Despite the challenges he still faces today in his new country of refuge, he decided to invest in his passion - boxing - and has since become a national champion.
With this prize the Portuguese Parliament reminds us that resettlement is about protecting human rights and that given the right opportunities refugees can indeed offer a meaningful contribution to their country of refuge.

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