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Council of the European Union adopts Conclusions on the protection of children in migration

4 August 2017  

At its 3546th meeting held on 8 June 2017, the Council of the European Union and the representatives of the governments of the Member States have adopted Conclusions on the protection of children in migration. These Conclusions recognise the drastically increasing number of children in migration arriving in the European Union, many of whom separated children. They underline the importance of protecting children in migration at all stages of the migration process. The Conclusions highlight the need to give full recognition to children as rights holders and to ensure that the best interests of the child is a primary consideration in all actions or decisions concerning children as well as in assessing the appropriateness of all durable solutions. In addition, the Council invites the Member States to take fully into account the specific situation and best interests of children in discussions on legislative proposals, in particular discussions concerning separated children.  

In the Conclusions, Member States are invited to take action to protect children in migration. Furthermore, the European Commission and the relevant EU Agencies are asked to provide support to the Member States. The implementation of the actions will be regularly reported to the European Parliament and the Council by the European Commission.  

SCEP calls on the Member States and the EU to transform these words into action and address the particular needs and vulnerabilities of separated children.

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